Hello, Ben Karis-Nix here. Thanks for looking for Run, We Must!

Last year I decided to close down Run, We Must and turn my efforts to a new design studio I have started with friend Taylor Gillis, a fellow upstate NY designer.

Our new studio is called Design it Together and is a sister company to Do it Together Records. Design it Together is modeled on the idea that we can help our friend's record label with their design needs, but also assemble teams of our peers to take on big projects for other clients, and to team up for personal projects, too. Hence the name, Design it Together.

Some Run, We Must designs have been resurrected and are available via Design it Together, but we also offer a host of new designs and poster prints that we have created for the new studio.

Thank you for all your kind words and support for Run, We Must. I'll miss the unique community and fun times at festivals, but I hope you'll follow along with the Design it Together studio as we continue to grow in new directions!

-Ben Karis-Nix